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Women And Men Show Their Love Differently

How complicated it can be for men and women when they love each other but the infrequent behavior of the be lovers is always a great mystery to a lover. Then we always think that does he really loves me? And why does not he show it? The response of American psychologists: men show their love differently.

There are numerous discussions on the subject of men and women and love – be it among scientists, psychologists, in the media or at the girls’ evening. While women would most likely reveal their feelings to the whole world, the lords of creation are less aware of their infatuation. As a study from the US shows, men reveal their love differently.

Love messages, small notes, sweet WhatsApp messages or affections: Enamored women show their feelings gladly and directly after all the adored one should also know about our love. It is therefore perfectly clear that we naturally assume that the partner must show us his love in the same way. But here lies the big mistake, because as now a study has found, men show their love simply differently.

Women And Men Show Love Differently
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Women Proclaim Feelings

For the study, American psychologists interviewed newly married couples right after the wedding, after the first two and after thirteen years of marriage. It turned out that men and women felt about equally strong feelings for each other. But they differ significantly in how they show their love for the partner: Women are the emotional part in the relationship, provide for a loving climate, say make

“I love you”

compliments and expressions of love and show interest in the partner by words. So women show love differently while men show their love differently.

Men Show Their Love Differently & Men Do Not Formulate Emotions

And here lies the great difference to the world of men, for men express their loveless in direct words or romantic gestures, but show their feelings by deeds. Whether they spend a lot of free time with their partner, help or support them in the home or on other things when they need. But these everyday gestures are rarely seen by women as proof of love: they need compliments and affections.

In addition, the study showed that men who love their wives often take the initiative to sex. For the scientists, this is an indication that for the masters of creation love and sex are more closely connected than for women.

Dear girls, don’t worry if your lover doesn’t constantly overpower you with affections and expressions of love.Both women & men show their love differently. The problem is not that men have fewer emotions, they are often difficult to formulate. Pay attention to the small everyday gestures and learn to appreciate them.

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